chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies

Things that require a lot of effort:


peppermint crinkle cookies 1) Not having a dance party/sing-a-long to Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” while sitting in the middle lane at the longest red light in the history of red lights.

2) Not buying Christmas gifts for yourself even though the stores seem to have everything you have ever wanted, on sale, in your size, right this very second.

3) Not devouring an entire tray of chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies that you’re baking to bring to a party full of your husband’s co-workers, whom you have never met.

4) Not drinking too many glasses of wine because you are at a party full of your husband’s co-workers, whom you have never met.

peppermintcrinkles2 peppermintcrinkles3 Just to be clear: I failed at all of these things. Well, except for #3. I left just enough cookies to proportionally fill a medium-sized tupperware container and have it look like I am a baking queen. And a really great party guest.

A really great party guest who, um, just happened to drink a glass of every wine you had on hand. Including the one I brought over.


Ughhhhhh…I NEED A COOKIE. And a bottle of asprin.

(recipe via the simply incredible, drool-worthy Baker’s Royale)