i run to you: my new running playlist

Up until last week, I had two master running playlists on Spotify: the one I made for my first and second marathons and the one I made for my third because I couldn’t stand another 26 miles listening to the first one. But since it has been a year since that third marathon….safe to say that if I hear Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” one more time I might run straight into the lake.

Out of inspiration/desperation, I started listening to Spotify’s workout/running tempo playlists. Most of them are pretty good, although I couldn’t find one that didn’t have me skipping multiple songs in a row. Alas, each helped me discover a bunch of new songs to instead add to my latest and greatest list yet. While this version still has some tried and true jams (read: old school Usher), there are a bunch of new favorites in the mix, quite literally.

My favorite favorite: “Electric Feel” by MGMT. I may have played it on repeat for two of my six miles of dance-running yesterday.

What are you listening to? Tell me tell me tell me!