friday five


Happy Halloween! Although my current costume is looking like “Anne Marie as a college freshman” (I’m in head-to-toe SBU sweats) I am sending you insane amounts of virtual candy and hope that you have much bigger, dressier plans for tonight than we do.

We were supposed to be in Saratoga this weekend for a wedding, but unfortunately had to cancel our plans a few weeks ago. Matt actually has to work tomorrow, so I will be sending lots of love to Upstate New York lovebirds while crafting and cooking and writing and working and photographing and probably making a huge mess until ten minutes before he gets home. You know, my usual agenda.

Here are some good reads for your weekend. Have a spook-tacular one. :)

1) Alan Cumming’s Grub Street Diet. “I have loads of water and vitamins, but also loads of vodka sodas. Yin and Yang.” (

2) Yep, I found what you need to make with your leftover Halloween candy. Let me know when it’s done, I’m coming over. (

3) To spare you the dizzying time I spent smelling every freaking scent in Sephora, here’s this handy dandy fragrance guide. (

4) Now that the cold air is blowing in, remember: the weather doesn’t want to talk about you either.

5) John Oliver solves the problem of boring Supreme Court audio cases with Real Animals, Fake Paws. Pure genius. (via


*Cartoon/sexy costume ideas via the hilarious and talented Gemma Correll