words for the week

what if i fall? but darling what if you fly?


This quote couldn’t have crossed my path at a more perfect time. I have been a bit unsure of myself lately – of my vision, of my goals, of my ability to make them all happen. Life has really changed for me over the past few months, and while it is all exciting and new and liberating, I was a bit lost at first. From being in a city filled with friends to a city of strangers, from working in the middle of a bustling area to working all alone in our apartment, from having very little time to pursue my passions to having a whole lot of it…it was a lot of change all at once. And of course, the pursuing passions part was a very, very good change – finally, I could revive my favorite project, this little blog, that had been sidelined for too many years.

I was on somewhat of a working high a few weeks ago – the process of moving the blog over to a new host, implementing a new design and starting things off fresh really had my mind and heart buzzing. But when I came down from the “cloud” (did anyone get that web pun?) I started over-analyzing everything. Did I really have what it takes to get this blog off the ground? Is my writing interesting enough to grab people’s attention? Will I ever gain enough readers to make me feel validated, that all the work I am putting into it actually matters? Well, does it even matter?! And in the big picture…will I ever figure this whole “turn your passion into a career” thing out? I want to do and be so many things: write, cook, create, travel, inspire, live, love…ahhhhh, how do I do this? CAN I do this?

Needless to say…I overwhelmed myself in doubt. I stepped away from the computer, curled up into a ball (metaphorically and physically) and let my heart sink into bowls of Honey Nut Chex and handfuls of dark chocolate trail mix (to those people out there who claim they “don’t eat” when they are stressed, you are frigging aliens).

Thankfully, my heart interrupted my head’s pity party. Well, my heart and my husband. (Guess ‘sad puppy dog face’ is only cute for short periods of time.) After letting it all out….all of my fears, insecurities, worries, I realized that I was the one holding the door closed. I have so many things I want to write about, so many experiences I want to have, so much art I want to create, and here I am wasting too much time concerned with the how’s or the why’s and the if’s.

While I can’t seem to decide which direction I should take first – I will go in all of them, eventually – right now the only thing I need to do is take that big leap into the unknown. So far, I had just peered over the edge and freaked…which reminds me, here is another, um, “less poetic” quote that fits my bill a bit too well. (It also helps me immensely because whenever I read it, I can’t help but laugh.)

Anyways, I think we all do this to ourselves. Whether it is little things like trying a new hobby or big things like starting a business, moving across the country, chasing after a wild dream…it is much easier to succumb to the fear that awaits us outside of our comfort zone than on the journey it will take us on once we karate-kick the comfort zone door open.

So, (deep breath and another handful of dark chocolate trail mix) I’m taking a running start. Here’s to flying!


friday five

{via} This week, like those before it, has been somewhat of a blur. We arrived back from Allentown on Sunday night, and seem to be in wash-rinse-repeat rhythm…come home, unpack, wash clothes, clean house, pack up, leave again. Which at first, threw my system for a loop but now seems to have become my default…

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chasing boston

Last weekend we traveled up to Allentown, PA for the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon…aka Matt’s 11th marathon! It was also the last race of 2014 to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2015, hence why it was worth traveling 600 miles for! :) Bad news: Matt missed the qualifying time. Good news: despite not…

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race bib marathon medal hanger

For anyone who has ever called me a “hoarder,” or made fun of me for holding on to things I’ll never do anything with…today is the day I totalllllyyyyy redeem myself. Because yes, I never finished that scrapbook I made for Matt and I’s first year anniversary of dating (and yes, I did wrap it…

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welcome to the new Ciao Mama!

Hey y’all! Things have been quite busy over here in Anne Marie la la land so thought I would check in with a few updates and let you know I’m still alive and still crazy. As you may have noticed…the blog has a new look! With serious hand-holding from Bluehost, new framework from Genesis, gorgeous…

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banana bread granola

My brother and his family came down to visit us over the weekend on their annual Minnuto Summer Road Trip (ah, we had SO much fun! Bourbon tours, horse farms, minor league baseball complete with dollar beers and unlimited popcorn refills) and as a typical Italian, the first thought on my mind was food. I…

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ice cream and rose

friday five

{via} I cannot believe it is already Friday! We have spent the last two weeks at home in Kentucky instead of traveling up and down the East Coast, and it has been really, really nice. We finally unpacked the sea of boxes downstairs, organized random clutter that comes with moving and not knowing where the…

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on natural skincare: parabens and propylenes and sulfates, oh my!

{via} One of the reasons I went vegetarian/total whole-food-eater two years ago was because I was tired of worrying about what was in my food. With all of the books I read, documentaries I watched and news stories about the big bad food industry, I found myself confused and uneasy every time I walked into the grocery store….

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my dream outdoor bar

I am quite the daydreamer, but nothing diverts my attention more than dreaming about our ultimate future home. (Remember this post?) Since we have rented every place we’ve lived so far, Matt and I have big plans – huge – to create the home of our dreams, whenever we figure out where “home” will be! So when…

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weekend in the windy city

Another stop on the Tour de Summer 2014: Chicago! Matt signed us up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon a few months ago (he is just the sweetest, right?!) and so off we went to explore – and of course run –  the Windy City. I had only been to Chicago once, when I was 16…

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