heads up! non-headboard headboards

Now that we are on our fourth apartment in five years, Matt and I are finally starting to take note of all of the house-y things we weren’t “adult” enough for beforehand. (aka financially stable enough for.) You know, things like Pyrex dishes, matted, framed photos and furniture that doesn’t come with picture assembly.

We’ve done a good job at slowly picking up quality pieces here and there, but there are a few (read: a lot) of things we’d like to figure out in order to make our place feel more like a home. On the top of the list? A headboard/bed frame.

However, since we are inevitable apartment dwellers for another year, we know it isn’t the smartest purchase we could make right now. Because what if our next place doesn’t quite mesh with it? What if it doesn’t fit into our future bedroom? What if our style randomly changes and we want a lush, velvet Victorian-style canopy bed? (Oh god please don’t let our style change.) What if we decide to sell all of our possessions and get off of the grid somewhere in Thailand and live out of a food truck? A headboard would just not work well.

Therefore, I am on a mission to headboard our bed without a headboard. I accomplished this before in our Virginia apartment using fabric tassel garland, which I still adore, but with all of our moves since then it has become a bit unravelled. Plus, I am ready for something new, and since I received a dismal “you’re not hanging that up again are you?” response when I took it out of a moving box…apparently Matt is too.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web – which one would you choose?

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